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Howard Taylor, The Black Stump
Howard Taylor, <em>The Black Stump</em>
Howard Taylor, The Black Stump, 1975
Commissioned in 1975 by Forbes and Fitzhardinge for the AMP building in St Georges Square, The Black Stump was relocated outside the Octagon Theatre in 1991. The three sculptural elements placed around a circle of black marble embedded in the paving evolved from a drawing and tempera painting of a burnt tree the artist made twenty-five years earlier. The long gestation of ideas is evident in all Howard Taylor's work, and this project exemplifies the important process of reduction down to fundamentals.

Polished concrete and mosaic, 457 x 500 x 500 cm
The University of Western Australia Art Collection, Gift of the AMP Society, 1990

Caption: Ted Snell
Photo: Ron D’Raine, D’Raine Images