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The Five Lamps of Knowledge
The Five Lamps of Knowledge
Napier Waller, The Five Lamps of Knowledge, 1931
The first major work to be commissioned for Winthrop Hall with funds from the Hackett Bequest, the mosaic is set in the lunette of the Great Gate, linking Winthrop Hall with the Administration Building. It features five maidens who hold lighted lamps representing the attainment of wisdom and reflecting the University's motto, 'Seek Wisdom'. These women are contrasted with the five unwise maidens in the background who have failed to light their lamps.

Mosaic, 132 x 244 cm
The University of Western Australia Art Collection, commissioned through the architect of the Hackett Memorial Buildings, Rodney Alsop, 1931

Caption: Robyn Taylor
Photo: Robert Frith, Acorn Photo Agency