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Mawunbuy (Mauwunboi), Thunderman at Baladir
Mawunbuy (Mauwunboi), <em>Thunderman at Baladir</em>
Mawunbuy (Mauwunboi), Thunderman at Baladir, Djapu mada, Yirrkala, North-Eastern Arnhem Land, 1946–47
The scene depicted is at Baladir, Blue Mud Bay, where the mythic Thunder Man, Bodngu, is urinating. As he does so, he sprays the rain outward, knocking over and washing away the old posts (shown down the middle); the water banks up like water in a creek on either side.

Ochre on stringybark, 92 x 43.5 cm
R.M. Berndt Collection, 1946–47

Caption: John Stanton
Photo: Berndt Museum