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Wondjuk and Mawulan
Wondjuk and Mawulan
Wondjuk and Mawulan, Port Bradshaw, Yelangbara, Riradjingu mada, dua moiety, Yirrkala, North-Eastern Arnhem Land, 1946–47
This drawing is associated with the Djang'kawu. It depicts the sandhills with the holes of the djanda goanna. The zigzag tracks of the two djanda are those marks on the sandhills at each side. This is one of 365 crayon drawings commissioned by Ronald Berndt at Yirrkala in 1946–47; the collection and its documentation are now inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

Lumbar crayon on brown butcher paper, 115 x 74 cm
R.M. and C.H. Berndt Collection, 1946–47

Caption: John Stanton
Photo: Berndt Museum