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Octagon Theatre
Octagon Theatre
Octagon Theatre, 1969
Cunningly doubling as a lecture theatre, the Octagon opened in 1969 and for eighteen magical months housed a professional company of well-known actors including John Gaden and Judy Nunn, directed by Aarne Neeme. Alas, this was a short-lived initiative. This busy venue sees thousands of students weekly and plays host to a stunning variety of entertainment and community events, significant public lectures and international conferences. Designed by Peter Parkinson, Tyrone Guthrie advised on the thrust stage and Warwick Mehaffey on acoustic design. The architect was so smitten with the project that he built himself a tiny 'Rectangle Theatre' in his backyard!

Peter Parkinson, architect

Caption: Joan Pope
Photo: Ron D’Raine, D’Raine Images