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Imants Tillers, Lacrimae Rerum (for Dzidra)
Imants Tillers, <em>Lacrimae Rerum (for Dzidra)</em>
Imants Tillers, Lacrimae Rerum (for Dzidra), 2007
Tillers's Lacrimae Rerum is a study of diasporic experience and longing. It maps migration – of people, images and ideas – and extinction – the passing of earlier certainties, the loss of identities and the disappearance, or erasure, of the history and culture of Aboriginal Australia. Like all of Tillers's works, it is a complex mix of appropriated imagery, text and quotation, informed, as he puts it, 'by a search for meaning, the desire for transcendence and a pervasive, immovable scepticism'.

Synthetic polymer paint and gouache on 288 canvas boards, numbers 80293 - 80580, 304.8 x 914.4 cm
The University of Western Australia Art Collection, Leah Jane Cohen Bequest and University Senate Grant, 2008

Caption: John Barrett-Lennard
Photo: Victor France