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Kirckman harpsichord
Kirckman harpsichord
Kirckman harpsichord, 1760
The story is told that when Sir Frank Callaway was developing the newly established Music department and requested funds to buy a modern, new harpsichord, he was advised that the expense was significant and he would have to settle instead for 'a good second-hand instrument', which he did. The 1760 Kirckman harpsichord was purchased in May 1956. It was made by Jacob, the senior and most famous member of the Kirckman family. Its last owner, Michael Thomas, of Berkshire, England, used the instrument on a recital tour of Holland in 1955, and it was selected by prominent Perth musician A. J. Leckie. It has been used extensively in performances of early music.

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Caption: Brian Dawson
Photo: Ron D’Raine, D’Raine Images