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Midjaumidjau, Nadulmi
Midjaumidjau, <em>Nadulmi</em>
Midjaumidjau, Nadulmi, Gunwinggu language, Oenpelli, Western Arnhem Land, 1950
Nadulmi is an ancestral being who was also a kangaroo, a leader of the Ubar ceremonial cycle. He is shown here in his animal manifestation. From his neck hangs a fighting bag; he has a beard and white crane feathers on his head. His body is painted with a special design called gunmed. Two malbululug grass night birds, also drawn, are his companions.

Ochre on stringybark, 58 x 76 cm
R.M. Berndt Collection, 1950

Caption: John Stanton
Photo: Berndt Museum