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Paul R. Montford, Socrates
Paul R. Montford, <em> Socrates</em>
Paul R. Montford, Socrates, 1932
In 1930 Hubert Whitfeld suggested Winthrop Hall's Undercroft be dedicated to Socrates. Paul Montford, a prominent Australian sculptor of the time, was commissioned to produce the sculpture with an inscription carved into its pedestal followed by the closing words of Plato's Phaedrus. Later it was found that another sculptor in Montford's studio, Victor Wager, was responsible for the actual carving. In 1961, the Undercroft was glassed in and the statue relocated outside.

Portland stone
The University of Western Australia Art Collection, 1932

Caption: Robyn Taylor
Photo: Stuart Hodgetts, UWA Friends of the Grounds 2009 photographic competition