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Meart: The Semi-Living Artist
SymbioticA in the School of Anatomy and Human Biology at UWA has been developing projects at the cutting edge between art and science for the past decade. In Meart, the 'artist' is distributed between two global locations: its 'brain' consists of cultured rat nerve cells that are grown in Dr Steve Potter's laboratory, at the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; its 'body' is a robotic arm that can produce two-dimensional drawings. Meart was exhibited internationally with the 'brain' and the 'body' communicating in real time via the Internet for the duration of the exhibition. The work began as Fish and Chips in 2000 and used fish neurons and a robotic arm.

Meart: The Semi-Living Artist, SymbioticA Research group in collaboration with the Potter Lab, Biofeel, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2002

Caption: Miranda Grounds
Photo: SymbioticA