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Norma MacDonald, Deaths in Custody
Norma MacDonald, <em>Deaths in Custody</em>
Norma MacDonald, Deaths in Custody, Yamatji language, Perth, South-West, 2003
'This is a young chap and the idea of the eyes just starting up empty. And the bars in front is showing that state of really not knowing who they are.' Norma MacDonald's prolific creativity is well represented in the Berndt Museum's collections, and includes some of her earlier works. 'I'm glad that you [that is, the Museum] now have the paintings. I decided to give them to you because I feel that they'll always be here for my grandchildren. I'm trying to tell it, to do the right things so that, somewhere down the line in generations to come, they might know that they can come to a place like here and you've still got these works and they'll be able to look at their Great-great-great Grandma, at what she had done, so that nothing's really lost.'

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 70 x 50 cm

Caption: John Stanton
Photo: Berndt Museum